SAN ANTONIO -- They had all of their soccer gear stolen almost as soon as they arrived in San Antonio. But after playing in the championship game, the Ohio Wesleyan University soccer team won't be returning home empty handed.

The Ohio Wesleyan men's soccer team lost close to $2,000 of soccer equipment and personal belongings when their van was burglarized while getting a bite to eat at a Panera Bread in Terrell Heights. Just landing in San Antonio from Ohio, the team hadn't even checked into their hotel yet.

It was a disheartening way to start their tournament, but it didn't break their spirit. It appears to have done the opposite.

The Battling Bishops defeated the Calvin College Knights 2-1 in the championship finals.

The team never recovered their stolen belongings, but they are leaving San Antonio with some shiny hardware.

This is the team's second championship title; their first back in 1998.

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