SAN ANTONIO -- Firefighters scrambled to cut off the fuel supply following a large explosion at a southeast-side refinery, SAFD spokeswoman Melissa Sparks said Wednesday afternoon.

The NuStar San Antonio Refinery at South Presa Street and Southeast Military Drive was evacuated around 12:50 p.m.

Nustar spokesman Greg Matula said about 60 workers and contractors were evacuated from the refinery following a brief fire, lasting about five to 10 minutes. The cause is unknown, he said, adding that the company invested in new safety equipment when they purchased the plant earlier this year.

No injuries were reported.

Fire crews doused the hot diesel tanks and fuel lines with water in order to prevent fire from spreading and causing more explosions, firefighters said.

A spokesperson for NuStar said there was no explosion, only a brief fire and smoke.

Formerly owned and operated by AGE Refining, the same plant was evacuated on May 5, 2010 after two tanker-trucks caught on fire in the fueling station. Nearby homes and residents were evacuated. Two men were reportedly injured in the explosion.

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