They have eight legs, crawl and some people can t even bear to look at them. However, some San Antonio residents claim their neighborhood has been invaded by spiders.

Al Marshall could be seeing preparing his home for battle Tuesday. Except his artillery was bug spray because the enemy was a bunch of spiders.

I ve never seen spiders that big to be honest with you, said Marshall.

Last night I would ve said about 20 to 30 spiders, said Marshall s granddaughter Naomi McIntosh, 10.

The dozens of upon dozens of spiders were spotted Monday night. Many residents claim they ve never seen them before, especially in that quantity.

I tried to kill them, but then you know it was too many to kill, they just kept coming and coming, said Marshall. They're on the street, they walk on the sidewalk, they're on the porch.

They're really scary and big and I was afraid to even look out the door, said McIntosh.

Now many residents are left wondering where all the spiders came from and what kind of spiders they are.

Entomologist Molly Keck said they re actually Trapdoor spiders and burrow underground. However, because of the recent rain she said they were likely flooded out of their homes. And because of the severe drought Keck said it was probably even more noticeable this time around.

Just today we ve been getting a lot of calls and emails about them, pictures, wanting to know what they are, thinking they are tarantulas, people worried their kids will get bitten by them, said Keck. But it s just a seasonal thing because of the rain, but nothing to be concerned about.

Keck said the spiders do bite, but are not venomous. She also said the spiders will likely disappear before Thanksgiving.
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