Tuesdayhit a peak for lines and crowds at the airport and officials want to remind travelers it s going to get worse.They expect the traffic to get worse through Wednesday when most will be heading out at the last minute for Thanksgiving.

Nora Castro with San Antonio International Airport wants to relay a new change.

One change with the TSA is children 12 and under don t have to remove their shoes when going through the security lines, she says.

Castro also adds that if you Facebook or Twitter the airport you can get updates on the crowds and lines.They are still advising travelers to arrivetwo hours before your flight.Even thought you think you may have it timed out, expect the worst.

Michelle McCann is headed to Atlanta and she arrivedthree hours before her flight with her son TJ. We ve got movies we ve got books, nap time, lunch will come in there some place. We ll be good, she says.

Airport officials also say to keep the lines moving:

  • make sure any gifts that your taking are unwrapped,
  • don t lock your luggage, and
  • have your driver s license and your ticket ready when you re going through security.

You may be out of luck If you looking for a standby flight airlines are saying they are at 98 percentseating capacity.

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