HELOTES -- What Little Leaguers usually worry about at a baseball game is striking out, not being struck by a snake.

A 12-year old boy is reportedly in stable condition after being bitten late in the evening by what witnesses say was a rattlesnake.

Obviously this was kind of a freak incident; this isn t something that we expect. But safety for all the kids out here is our number one concern, said David Espinoza, with the Greater Helotes Little League.

League officials speculate that the drought and hotter temperatures may have left a snake cooling in the dugout, too, along with the rest of the visiting team.

Espinoza added, We re working around the clock to make sure these fields are safe before we start resuming playing baseball.

The league canceled Thursday and Friday s games after pest control experts sprayed the ball fields with snake repellent.

They don t want the snakes in the ballpark, but they do want the child back in the game.

You know we have over 850 kids out here, and they re all supporting him. We re all hoping he gets back out here, Espinoza said.

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