SANANTONIO -- The San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the suspected drunk driver who hit and killed 27-year-old Officer Stephanie Brown in March drank the equivalent of 20 beer cans the night of the crash.

McManus said 31-year-old Chris Baldaramos, who was also killed in the crash, went to two bars the night of the accident - drinking 12 pints of beer at the first bar and three at the second.

While not releasing the names of the establishments, the chief said the first bar had cut Baldaramos off before he left.

I think it is important that the public understands how much alcohol was consumed in this case, McManus said.

For the past two weeks since the crash, McManus has pushed for stiffer DWI laws, called on community leaders to step up, and has lobbied for the federal STEP grant, which last year paid for nearly a third of the city's DWI arrests.

We are going to do as much as we can to keep the issue on the burner and keep people aware of it, McManus said.

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