A local teenager has filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America claiming the organization should have done more to protect him from a now-convicted child molester.

The lawsuit comes nearly three years after 30-year-old formerassistant scoutmaster James Hiatt was convicted of child molestation.

Hiatt is currently serving a 60-year sentence.

The victim in that case -- who is now 18 years old -- is seeking compensation from the Boy Scouts.

His attorney, Pat Maloney,said the organization knew that grown men went after scoutmaster positions to prey on young boys and that the Scouts did not do what they should have to protect his client.

There were violations after violation of basic safety rules with children, Maloney said. You don't allow a scoutmaster to be one-on-one with a child. You don't allow a scoutmaster to go out-of-state with a child, and you certainly don't allow a scoutmaster to show pornography to a child, all of which was going on while he was a scoutmaster here.

The Boy Scouts of America released the following statement : Abuse is and has always been unacceptable, and the Boy Scouts of America extends its sympathies to the victims.Recognizing that youth protection requires sustained vigilance, BSA was on the forefront of developing youth protection policies and continues to develop and enhance efforts to protect youth through clear policies, training of adult volunteers, and effective screening of volunteers. Most recently, BSA upgraded the stringency of its mandatory youth protection training standards, which now requires all registered volunteers to repeat the program every two years, and hired an internationally recognized expert on child abuse detection and prevention to further augment Scouting s youth protection efforts.

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