SANANTONIO - Should guns be allowed on college campuses?

It's a high profile issue that some local colleges are worried might be overlooked this legislative session.

However, with three bills already filed in the Texas Legislature related to allowing licensed concealed handguns on campuses, Alamo Colleges wants to make sure lawmakers know where it stands.

On Tuesday, the board of trustees will vote whether to adopt a resolution regarding the opposition to the legislation involving concealed handguns on campus.

Chancellor Dr. Bruce Leslie said he thinks lawmakers should leave it up to local colleges to decide whether to allow concealed handguns on its campuses.

Two years ago on the campus of Northeast Lakeview College, a librarian was shot and killed.

Dr. Leslie said the part-time employee who was found guilty of the murder had a concealed handgun license.

So to think that (allowing concealed handguns on campus) is going to be a way of protecting other people is not necessarily so, said Dr. Leslie.

Students at Northwest Vista College were split on the issue.

I just believe that it is our right to carry a gun on campus or wherever we need to, said Memo Hernandez.

However, Daniel Urdialez said, You don't want to have to worry about guns or someone is walking around with one.

Regardless of how the board votes Tuesday, Dr. Leslie said it is important that lawmakers know where it stands.

He said, All we can do is hope that they will recognize that those that live and work in these environments should have some say.

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