SAN ANTONIO -- Ellison elementary is currently under construction and will open this fall, but it will be the first ever Northside Independent School District with a security lobby equipped with bullet resistant glass.

At more than an inch thick, it s the type of glass usually found at banks or prisons. However, it s at an elementary school.

This security lobby at Ellison elementary will serve as a prototype for other schools. Anyone can walk through the front doors, but in order to get pass a second set off doors with the bullet resistant glass that person would have to provide ID and prove they belong there.

We're very hopeful that it s going to work very, very well, said NISD spokesperson Pascual Gonzalez. It s going to require some patience on the part of parents, but we want a safe and secure school. This is one more way we can make this happen.

The district is looking at other safety upgrades including classroom doors that can quickly be locked in case of an emergency. It's all in place for a worst-case scenario.

When Sandy Hook happened it was a huge wake-up call that a little town, a little safe village suffered this tremendous loss and certainly that woke us up again that we needed to do more things that were doing now, said Gonzalez.

The district will be watching to see if the security lobby at Ellison gets backed up with parents during peak hours, but if it proves successful the district would install the glass at 30 other elementary schools.

All of the security upgrades would cost more than $8 million. It s a part of the districts upcoming $648 million bond proposal that goes before voters may 10.

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