SAN ANTONIO -- The Polar Plunge is expected to take a dip out of voter turnout for Tuesday's Texas Primary elections. Historically bad weather has a track record of swinging some elections.

The worse the weather, the lower the turnout will be, KENS 5 political analyst Dr. Richard Gambitta said.

The nastier the weather, the nastier it could get for newcomers or candidates that didn't get voters during early voting, he said.

The degree of the nastiness is essential, Gambitta said.

Primary candidates aren't just facing each other. They re competing with the Polar Plunge for votes.

The weather will have an adverse effect on turnout tomorrow, Gambitta said.

Slick roads and unbearable temperatures could have voters playing it safe instead of casting their ballot, especially in rural areas where polling sites are more spread out.

Gambitta predicts the cold could make things icy for the GOP's lieutenant governor primary race.

On the Republican side, there is a very heated race, Gambitta said. Those who got their vote out early are going to be benefited by the inclement weather.

As for the governor's primary, he said the weather will not effect the front runners, Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott.

Gambitta predicts whoever already holds office has the upper hand in other primary races.

Incumbents, I would say, are generally helped by the lower turnout especially, he said.

Historically, Mother Nature has had a dramatic effect on the polls, Gambitta said. He recalled the 2000 presidential election in Florida. He says that had there been better weather, experts believe the vote could have swung to Vice President Al Gore.

People waiting in long lines tends to discourage voting, Gambitta said.

He added that campaigns that encouraged early voting stand to gain the most Tuesday from a possible low turnout.

According to the Bexar County Elections Commission, 275 polling places are expected to be open in Bexar County. You can call 335-VOTE to double-check before heading out to vote.

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