EAGLE PASS -- On Jan. 13, 2014, a number of bats were discovered on-campus at Eagle Pass High School.

Classes were immediately canceled following the find.

Last Friday, administrators released a statement to announce it had contacted the Department of Health and Human Services to evaluate the High School. It said Commercial Bat Control would visit the campus Monday, Jan. 20.

These professionals will thoroughly inspect the building for points of entry, seal off any areas that are found, and mount 'Bat Excluders' on the exit openings, the press release read.

But the abatement took longer than usual because workers inadvertently sealed off a roof prior to the removal process.

Roberto Garza, with Border Pest Control, said his workers attempted to use a flushing agent to remove the bats, but it only pushed the bats into other parts of the building.

There was no way they could go out, but we didn't know that, Garza told KENS 5. We just caught them by hand and put them in a plastic bag. And then we knew they were not going to be able to go back into the building so we just let them go.

Garza said Thursday he believed the issue had been resolved.

The school district released the following statement:

Licensed exterminators from Border Pest Control and City of Eagle Pass Vector Control manually caught the bats by net and humanely put them down. No pesticides were used on school grounds. No children have come in contact with the bats and proper procedures are being enforced by school personnel.

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