SAN ANTONIO -- With days away from the Annual Cowboy Breakfast will the crowds turn up in the cold for a free taco?

Organizers are saying sure the crowds will still round up for the free food. It's tradition and it's the unofficial kick off to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.

It's taken us many many years to develop this system, said Roy Schultz.

Bill Massey says every year the Cowboy Breakfast has been in motion, he has been there.

I been to all 36 of them, he said. For Bill its not just a free taco. It's tradition, he said. It's cold, they still wanna come.

Bill's not shaking and shivering over what is expected to be projected as a morning in the 20's.

Bill recalls it snowed in 1985. You think a little white stuff kept hungry crowds away from a free meal?

We had a tremendous turnout that year at Central Park, exclaimed Bill. By 6:30 in the morning it lightly snowed and when we left it was 17 degrees.

And four years ago it was cold and rainy.

Bill says he can stand the cold, but he doesn't care for the rain.

As long as its dry and not freezing, I can put up with almost anything, said Bill.

Its easier to do when you're not standing there soaking wet, Bill said. Which we have done.

Mother Nature doesn't always get the memo, but Bill predicts the breakfast will still draw 40,000 people Friday.

At least 500 volunteers are expected crank out tacos, biscuits, bacon and eggs.

The only heat provided will be from the fired up charcoal in the grills.

While the breakfast bunch will have to bundle up like a burrito to stand the cold, Bill says just be glad it isn't being held in the Summer time.

You're glad its in January and not July, said Bill. Cause it's much easier in the cold than the heat!

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