SAN ANTONIO -- A dummy grenade was found in a child's lunchbox at Paul W. Ott Elementary School around 1:15 Monday, according to Pascual Gonzalez, a spokesperson with Northside ISD.

School personnel acted quickly to evacuate the school and NISD police along with Bexar County Fire Department responded to the situation, Gonzalez said.

The two agencies were able to determine, although the grenade was real, it was not a live grenade and students were able to re-enter the building after about 35 minutes.

Parents were notified of the incident via the robocall system at 3 p.m., Gonzalez said. The message system can make 1,000 phone calls in less than five minutes.

Some parents were upset that they weren't immediately notified. One mother found out two hours after the incident.

Our priority is to ensure that all children are safe, a district official said. We'll communicate what needs to be communicated after the fact.

The student was suspended from school. The age or grade level of the student was not released.

It wasn't immediately clear where the student got the grenade.

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