SAN ANTONIO -- The University of Incarnate Word student killed Fridaywas shot five times at close rangeby an off-campus UIW officer, according to the Alamo Heights Police Department.

The story of the death of 23-year-old Robert Cameron Redus is gaining national attention as conflicting reports emerge. The student was pulled over after driving erratically at a high rate of speed, according to a UIW statement.

AHPD says they have a six-minute video from the rear of Cpl. Chris Carter's police truck that shows Redus walking to his apartment even though the police truck lights were on. The police department said Cpl. Carter then told Redus to put his hands on the truck when a struggle over the officer's baton ensued.

Officer Carter instructed Redus 14 times to place his hands behind his back, informed him three times he was under arrest and to stop resisting 56 times, Alamo Heights Chief Richard Pruitt said.

The student was then shot five times with a .40 caliber handgun, including in the chest and the eye, according to AHPD.

The police department's statements are in direct contrast with a university-issued statement which claims the police truck's dash cam had fallen off the evening before the incident.

The university claims the student and the officer got in a struggle over the steel baton the officer was carrying when the officer produced his firearm before knocking the baton from Redus. The student continued to resist arrest when Cpl. Carter fired shots, according to a university statement.

UIW police officers do not carry Tasers, the university said.

Both the AHPD and the Texas Rangers are investigating the case. Bexar County District Attorney's office has been brought in for oversight. The DA's involvement is notable because in other recent officer-involved shootings the DA's office hasn't been involved until the agency's investigations are complete.

This is the first time in the university's history of a suspect shooting, according to the UIW release.

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