They walked into the radio station with no idea what was in store.

Bebe Dodd, 13; her twin sister Amanada; and their mom thought they were appearing on KISS 106.1 to thank people for donating to Bebe's fundraising efforts.

Bebe was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in August.

It has consumed the past few months of our life, Bebe's mother, Amy Trull, told radio personality Billy the Kidd as he interviewed them on Tuesday afternoon. She's completed her four rounds of chemo. We just went yesterday for a radiation appointment, and she'll have more scans next week.

Bebe was a little quiet and shy during that radio interview, but then suddenly Kidd interrupted with a surprise that perked Bebe up like nothing else could. A phone call was coming in. Austin Mahone, Bebe's favorite performer, was calling just for her.

This happens to be perfect timing. I want you to say 'Hi' to Bebe, she's in the studio right now with Amanda and her mom, said Billy the Kidd.

Hey, Bebe! Austin answered.

Hi! Bebe replied with a huge smile.

Austin Mahone is a singer and a teenage heartthrob. He's Bebe's idol, said her mother. If there was a biggest fan, she would be it. She makes me follow him on Instagram! I have his Instagram!

Mahone offered Bebe an invitation.

I want you to come to Jingle Ball and check it out, he said.

Her predictable reply? That would be awesome!

But there was more.

That'd be pretty cool right? Kidd said. Does this mean, Austin, she's going meet you and you'll take her backstage?

Yeah! Mahone replied.

No way! Bebe's mom exclaimed.

Bebe was calm in discussing the unexpected telephone encounter with her idol. It's like a shock! I never thought I'd be able to talk to him.

Soon she will meet him. The whole family will at the KISS 106.1 Jingle Ball concert next Monday. Several of Bebe's other favorite performers will be there, and she'll get to meet them all.

Easily, hands down, the best part of my job, said Kidd, explaining how it feels to make a young girl's day.

Bebe has not cried since her diagnosis, but says meeting Austin Mahone might make her tear up. She won't be alone; on that night, tears of joy will fall.


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