SAN ANTONIO -- On the first day of the U.S. Government shutdown, President Obama appeared nationally to address the nation.

The shutdown has hit San Antonio, with tens of thousands of federal employees furloughed today.

More than 23,000 civilian employees at Joint Base San Antonio were furloughed on Tuesday, affecting nearly all operations in some capacity.

When Stacy Roberts reported to work at Randolph Air Force Base, she was one of the thousands who were sent home.

I was hoping I was thinking that they've got to come to an agreement because this is going to catastrophic it's going to affect a lot of people, said Roberts.

Roberts was told she could return to work once the furlough is lifted, but she's using that time to look at other job options.

The civilian transportation assistant says she's sick of all the uncertainty.

My income is affected and if this isn't resolved soon them I'm going to have to wait until it's resolved or maybe look elsewhere for employment because the bills aren't going to stop coming in so I have to do what I have to do.

She's not the only one with free time.

Several employees within the federal court system here in South Texas were also furloughed, along with the U.S. Marshal's Office, and tourists wanting to visit the San Antonio Missions were turned away, because most of the National Park employees have been sent home.

We're disappointed we can't go inside yes, but it means I can come back another time, said tourist Mabel Haourt.

As for Roberts, all she has is time.

I have to go out and find another job, and there are already other people looking for jobs. So there's a big market out there right now.

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