The Bexar County Sheriff's Office released a statement via Facebook Monday afternoon about the investigation into the death of Mathew Jackson.

Jackson was shot on the morning of August 31 by an off-duty Bexar County deputy. Since, people have taken to Facebook to discuss the on-going investigation.

The post explains the status investigation and that it is not a quick or simple process.

The post can be found below or by clicking here.

The investigation into death of Matthew Jackson continues. We have completed all of our interviews with witnesses, and gathered quite a bit of forensic evidence. We are now in the stage of the investigation where the forensic evidence has been sent out for independent analysis. When this analysis is returned we will have much more information. This is not a quick or simple process. The individual labs and forensic testing organizations that provide these services have their own timetable as to when they return their analysis. This is a standard step in investigations requiring evidence analysis.

During these early stages of the investigation, we have met with members of Mr. Jackson s family and their attorney, keeping them apprised of the investigation. We will continue to keep them updated.

Once the investigation is complete, the report on this case will be turned over to the District Attorney s Office for their independent review, and appropriate action.

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