SAN ANTONIO -- Video footage taken in San Antonio has been posted to an alien watch site.

The video on shows a fuzzy white object drifting across the sky on Aug. 10, 2013. According to post, the orb was traveling southwest at a low altitude.

Mario Vallejo said he caught the orb by leaving the camera running for hours at his southeast-side house -- a technique known as skyfishing.

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To me it's an orb, and I've been seeing these things a lot around here. I really don't know what they are? Maybe a drone? Vallejo explained over the phone.

According to the YouTube details:

You can clearly see this U.F.O traveling on its own power.....After reviewing the footage several times,Using filters such as 100XZOOM a U.F.O ORB can be observed...In my opinion this Orb is clearly not an aircraft or weather balloons/satellite.Orb was traveling low altitude and on its own power not blown by the wind, Mario Vallejo wrote.

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