SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio City Council member is announcing a big change to a section of the city's non-discrimination ordinance.

The move comes after initial revisions were met with much opposition. Critics claimed the section in the ordinance would do the exact opposite of its original purpose.

Councilman Diego Bernal drafted the proposal to revise what he calls an outdated discrimination policy.

The original idea was met with much protest because people felt it went against their First Amendment rights, now the councilman is taking what he calls a new proactive approach.

I decided look if I can still maintain the strength of the ordinance and provide some piece of mind to people who are concerned about the section, then we'll take the section out, Bernal said.

Bernal made the revisions to the original ordinance, and said it tightens language to be all-inclusive, in a document that hasn't been revised in decades. He also said the intention was to protect the citizens of this community, not discriminate against anyone for religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

However, critics said the proposal draws a new line of discrimination, because they feel it would prohibit people from running for city council or being appointed to a city board if they have ever spoken out against homosexuality or a transgender lifestyle.

As a result, Bernal has proposed to take the section out all together, to provide peace to those questioning its purpose.

City Council will begin to take up the issue on August 2.

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