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The salt from the bacon was still fresh in my mouth, the sweet taste of jelly lingering on my tongue, the juices in my stomach beginning to churn.

And that's when I walked past a man in a giant, inflatable Pillsbury Doughboy costume.

Suddenly, I felt his pain.

I don't often take food-related assignments, but this one had been too enticing to pass up. My task was simple: head down to the Rodeo and eat as many deep-fried, cholesterol-laden, heart-attack-inducing foods as I could.

But walking away from food row, I began to wonder whether or not I'd survive the after-effects of this assignment. I'd just stomached four disgusting foods: fried Snickers; fried ice cream; fried peanut butter and jelly; and chicken fried bacon.

I do not know whether or not I will survive the day. I do not know whether or not I've just turned myself into a human version of the Doughboy.

But I'm pretty sure that either way, it was probably worth it.

For my full report from food row, you should click here.

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