AUSTIN -- House Bill 2 passed just after midnight, following hours of heated debate. Opponents argue this bill will force all but five abortion clinics in the state to shut down. Proponents say clinics will have a year to comply and that the changes will make abortions safer. Democrats are vowing to take the fight to court once the governor signs the bill into law.

Following the debate, Department of Public Safety troopers arrested 12 people on charges including disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and some people are even charged with disrupting meeting for behavior during the debate inside senate chambers. Several women tried to chain themselves to the railing inside the gallery, only 1 was successful.

It was an act of civil disobedience in the tradition of civil rights movements and abolition movements. These are things we learned from Dr. King, Susan B. Anthony, said Rockie Gonzalez with Rise Up Texas.

Still, Gonzales says she believes DPS troopers acted out of line and arrested people without warning.

DPS released a statement saying DPS did arrest 12 people while providing safety and security to visitors and state officials Friday night and Saturday morning. Our officers work tirelessly everyday at the Texas Capitol to provide a safe environment, ensure the safety and security of visitors and state officials alike, and preserve the integrity of the proceedings.

DPS also reported confiscating bottles of feces and urine that they believe protesters intended to use to disrupt the proceedings.

In the rotunda, the message from the pro-choice crowd in orange only got louder as the night went on.

Inside the capitol it was just a lot of high emotions, high tempers from both sides, said Emily Horne with Texas Right to Life.

Emily Horne with Texas Right to Life she's been in Austin following the bill since the beginning.

Exhausting, tiring, but yes, in the end a huge victory. Very exciting. It does feel very historic, Horne said. I don't think anyone watching that could deny just how unusual and historic and interesting this whole thing has been.

Democrats say they'll challenge the bill.

Lets make sure that tonight is not an ending point it's a beginning point, said Senator Wendy Davis outside of the capitol.

Meaning even after the decision's been made, this debate is far from over.

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