Rosario Gutierrez says every once in a while, one of her residential customers has trouble paying for lawn care, but it rarely happens with her commercial accounts. However she says she can't get the Comfort Suites hotel to pay their last bill.

Gutierrez, who owns Santiago's Lawn care, says she had the same problem with Comfort Suites last year. After she dropped them as a client, they finally did pay. This year, she says, the relationship was going so well that hotel management even asked her to do some additional landscaping.That's where the problem started.

Santiago's charged the hotel $270 to replace some landscaping. Some of those bushes have now died. Management at Comfort Suites says not only are the plants dead, they're also the wrong size. They're simply not going to pay for the wrong size, dead bushes, they say.

Management at the hotel initially refused to go on camera with us but eventually reconsidered. After our first call, Comfort Suites called Gutierrez and offered to pay her the $350 for the mowing, but told her she could pick up her dead plants; they wouldn't pay for them. Gutierrez declined.

After management went in front of the cameras with us, Gutierrez called them back and said she would accept their offer of $350 and just write off the $270 for landscaping. She picked up the check that afternoon.

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