A night of partying ended badly for a San Antonio man.

On Thursday night a man in his 30s was befriended by a four Hispanic males at Joey G's in the 8700 block of Grissom Road, according to San Antonio police.

But at the end of the evening the fun abruptly ended for the victim. Police said the man's new friends beat him in the club's parking lot, and then made off with his red pickup truck.

The man told authorities he was unconscious for about 45 minutes before calling for help.

An eagle-eyed officer spotted a truck matching the description of the stolen vehicle in the Culebra Road/Tezel area. He pursued the suspects down to Nueces Canyon dead end where they took off on foot and attempted to jump a fence.

However, a suspect with one arm was not able to get over the fence. He was apprehended.

Law enforcement officers continue to search for the other three suspects.

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