A second state trooper under investigation for questionable body cavity searches is off the job Thursday.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed Trooper David Ferrell is suspended with pay for the searches during a July traffic stop.

A woman and her niece brought the full-cavity searches to light when they sued Ferrell and a female trooper, Kelley Helleson. She was also suspended with pay.

The women, Angel and Ashley Dobbs, released video of what they say was a humiliating search on the side of the road, after being pulled over for littering. On the video, you can hear Trooper Ferrell say he believes the women were smoking marijuana. Ferrell called in a female trooper to search the two women for evidence of drugs, and found nothing.

The women say the trooper used the same glove on both of their bodies.

The Texas Rangers, who are investigating the troopers' actions, have referred the case to the Dallas County District Attorney. That office tells News 8 the case against the troopers will likely go to the grand jury this month.

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