There is a concentrated effort to keep the San Marcos parks cleaner than ever.

Alcohol and styrofoam will soon be off limits in San Marcos parks.

An ordinance that goes into effect January 1 bans the display and consumption of alcohol in all San Marcos parks.

However, it does allow alcohol consumption in rental areas. Tubers and kayakers will also still be allowed to have drinks while actually in the San Marcos River.

The ordinance that bans all styrofoam products in parks also goes into effect the first of the year.

Park rangers say coolers tend to open up or break on the river, becoming an environmental hazard.

A kayaker who frequents the San Marcos River said she is glad they are taking action. She says you would be surprised at the amount of trash that accumulates.

It's not only sad, but it's extremely dangerous to get caught up in that trash, said Kyle resident Patricia Omo. It piles up and then stops the flow of the river.

The minimum fines for littering will increase to $250 under the new park rules.

Play areas and athletic fields will be tobacco-free zones beginning January 1, 2013.

The San Marcos City Council approved the new park rules back in May 2012.

Park rangers say the will also launch new conservation programs along the San Marcos River next year.

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