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One of the most interesting aspects of working in online media is being able to see what people click on -- often times to our surprise.

Looking at 2012's most popular stories, here's what you, our online audience, appears to be most interested in: controversy, weather photos, Tony Romo, Anime and near wardrobe malfunctions.

It's important to understand that some stories pick up steam by ranking high on search engines or by getting linked on popular websites. So just because something is one of our most popular web stories does not necessarily reflect the tastes of our San Antonio audience. Instead, it reflects the tastes of all Internet users who just so happened to stumble upon while surfing the web.

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#1 - 'Pray for Obama' sign stirs controversy over Biblical verse
The Secret Service was called out to Victoria, Texas to check out a Pray for Obama. The sign also cited Psalms 109:8, which reads, Let his days be few, and let another take his office.

#2 - PHOTOS: KENS 5 viewers capture the wicked weather
KENS 5 viewer has their cameras ready as severe storms and tornadoes swept through the San Antonio area on March 19, 2012. It's not everyday a twister touches down in the Alamo City!

#3 - SLIDESHOW:Wedding pics:Cowboys' Tony Romo marries Candice Crawford
Thanks again, Google. The Tony Romo and Candice Crawford wedding slideshow was the most popular slideshow of 2011, the year or their wedding. More than a year later, it continues to be one of the most popular items on -- even if Tony Romo is not.

#4 - PHOTOS:Rock 'N' Roll marathon dashes through San Antonio
Runners laced up and hit the pavement for the city's third Rock 'N' Roll Marathon on Nov. 11. Loads of great race photos helped make this slideshow one of the year's most popular.

#5 - PHOTOS: Anime-zing San Japan: Mach 5 hits S.A.
There were some strange sites at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel during the San Japan three-day convention in August. More than 7,000 people attended. If they all went and checked out our photos, that would explain why the slideshow was so popular!

#6 - I-TEAM : Congressman Canseco says he was assaulted
U.S. Rep. Francisco Canseco claimed he was assaulted by a TSA agent at the San Antonio International Airport in April, saying the agent was patting me down where no one is supposed to go. KENS 5 later obtained the surveillance footage of the questionable patdown. You'll have to judge for yourself.

#7 - PHOTOS: Emotions overflow at final Silver Dancers tryouts
The always-popular Silver Dancers once again made it into the Top 10 list. This year, they held their final tryout at Cowboys Dancehall. An emotional team of girls congratulated one another as the final 16 were announced.

#8 - PHOTOS: Fred Lozano's family album
In order to properly wish Fred Lozano a happy retirement, we had to share some of his personal photos. As expected, Fred fans flocked to to see long-ago photos of the long-time KENS 5 anchor.

#9 - Wardrobe malfunction? Jennifer Lopez's risque dress talk of the Oscars
Jennifer Lopez got plenty of attention on Oscars night but not for any movie roles, rather her plunging V-neck. Naturally, everybody wanted to see for themselves.

#10 - PHOTOS: Sizzling dance moves at Rampage Ice Girls tryouts
Fifty five talented young ladies performed in August in hopes of becoming one of 10 members of the 2012 2013 San Antonio Rampage Ice Girls. You think they'd hold tryouts on the ice?

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