VIA Metropolitan Transit s new modern bus line is a larger, faster and more efficient way of getting around on their busiest route. The VIA Primo isscheduledto makeits debut December 17.

Bus drivers are out on the road practicing in the new buses before the official roll-out.

The new bus is 60 feet long and carries more passengers than regular buses and has an accordion fold in the middle.So far, drivers have no complaints with the extra-long bus.

You have to be extremely careful, but other than that, it s a very nice ride, says VIA driver Hector Garza.

The bus will be used on the heaviest bus route VIA has.It will run from downtown, up Fredericksburg Road to the new Medical Center transit station, making stops along the way.

VIA passenger Clayvon Harris said, Less stops means I can get from point A to point B faster without picking up a lot of passengers, therefore making my timed connection to get to my next bus.

The Primo buses will run on compressed gas. They will have video cameras on board and free Wi-Fi.

If you re a cyclist, forget about loading up your bike in the front.Riders of the Primo buses can take their bike on board where there is a holder for up to three bikes.

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