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KERRVILLE, Texas - He was thrown in jail and now a San Antonio man is facing charges over a little dog he says he was trying to rescue. Elvis Hernandez said he tried helping a dachshund but instead he ended up with a criminal record.

A few months ago, Hernandez was helping a customer in the city of Ingram when he found the dog.

It was cute. It was running in the middle of the road, recalls Hernandez. He didn't have tags; didn't have a collar.

According to Hernandez he tried to give the dog a home but when she didn't get along with his other dog he gave it away.

I left my information with the customer so they could contact me if they did find the owner, said Hernandez.

He said no one called him and eventually his family gave the dog away. Just recently, though, he said he regretted that decision when the owner tracked him down

I just explained to her that I didn't have it. I didn't know where it was, and I apologized, said Hernandez.

The owner filed a police report and a warrant was issued.

Unfortunately, when I was arrested I was arrested in front of my son, said Hernandez.

He was stripped of his license and charged with theft of property in Kerr County. All over a dachshund.

Legally I'm not able to work as a locksmith, said Hernandez.

Neighbors of the dog's owner said Hernandez should never have taken the dog in the first place - even if it didn't have a collar.

Hernandez said everything just got out of hand.

Not only did they attack my name, they attacked my livelihood. And being a single dad with children it hurts a lot, said Hernandez.

A court date is set for December 11 in Kerr County.

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