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When asked, Who is the city's biggest celebrity? many San Antonians will likely spout off several of the same Spurs stars and well-known residents.

According to who?

The question of most popular is hugely subjective and may best be answered by social networking site that puts a number on one's popularity: Facebook.

Here's a look at how San Antonio-tied celebrities stack up on Facebook. It's important to note that we looked only at celebrities who are still tied to San Antonio. In other words, someone you might bump into at H-E-B. So just because they were born here, does not necessarily mean they belong on the list. Did we miss someone? Email us at!

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*Figures reflect Facebook Likes taken on Nov. 23, 2012 and rounded to the nearest thousand.

George Strait

Country music mega-star George Strait has a whopping 4,584,000 likes on Facebook, and gets hundreds more each and every day. The page regularly promotes hits, concert posters and other merchandise (like the must-have George Strait Christmas mug). His upcoming 'The Cowboy Rides Away' tour probably doesn't hurt his popularity, either.

Shawn Michaels (WWE Universe)

The Heartbreak Kid has more than 2 million likes on his official WWE page. However, the big time wrestling star is more personal on his official athlete page, which has an impressive 549,600 likes. Michaels touts probably the most surprising of Facebook followings. But leave it to HBKto come out of nowhere.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has embraced social media as a way to interact with her countless fans. On Facebook, there's about 2 million of them! Although the 'Desperate Housewives' star no longer lives in San Antonio, she still visits often for charity work with Eva's Heroes. And despite her breakup with Spurs star Tony Parker, it's still hard say that she's not one of the most beloved women in San Antonio.

Austin Mahone
Likes: 1,494,000

The 16-year-old is often times regarded as the second coming of Justin Bieber. And just like Bieber, Austin Mahone also got his start on YouTube and hasn't abandoned his online audience. Mahone reportedly grew up in Seguin, La Vernia and San Antonio, where he briefly attended Johnson High School.

Manu Ginobili

Always positive, Manu Ginobili takes to his Facebook page to post anything he find interesting, whether it's a highlight from the latest Spurs win or a goofy photo of himself and his alter ego sitting in a hot tub (seriously). The Argentina native usually writes in Spanish, but sometimes translates for his English-speaking fans.

Tony Parker

Tony Parker, who probably carries the most star power on the Spurs, surprisingly does not have the most Likes on the team. However, he only trails teammate Manu Ginobili by a couple thousands. He regularly updates the TP Network with his latest endeavors on and -- mostly -- off the court. But you better learn French.

Tim Duncan

The Big Unit doesn't do Facebook. Like his signature bank shot, he's old school. Regardless, Tim Duncan had still racked up 330,000 Likes on his bio page. There's no telling how many followers he would have if he showed some personality online.

Max Lucado

Christian author Max Lucado has a faithful following on Facebook, too. He regularly updates his 252,600 followers with his latest interviews and words of inspiration.

Alyssa Bernal
Likes: 191,000

Singer-songwriter Alyssa Bernal was discovered after posting a video of herself on YouTube in 2006. And like a true 22-year-old, she's constantly updating her Facebook page with her latest YouTube recordings and performance photos.

John Hagee (Ministries)

Pastor John Hagee regularly posts scripture and messages of hope to the John Hagee Ministries Facebook page. With 145,000 followers, there's no doubt he has reached Facebook users outside of his Cornerstone Church on Stone Oak Parkway.

Tommy Lee Jones
Likes: 52,000

Tommy Lee Jones is too cool for Facebook. He doesn't update an account with the latest Tommy Lee Jones news, he doesn't share with his fans what he had for lunch and he doesn't really need to. Without any social media effort at all, the 'Men In Black' star has nearly 52,000 Likes on his Facebook bio page.

Mayor Julian Castro

This year's Democratic National Convention no doubt gave the mayor a huge boost in Facebook Likes. The 38-year-old is Facebook savvy, and uses his page to show San Antonians he's not just the mayor. He's also human.

Joaquin Castro (for Congress)

Just like his brother, the new congressman also undoubtedly received a nice boost in Facebook Likes after his short intro speech at the Democratic National Convention. Joaquin uses Facebook page as a way to update his constituents on the latest political issues and also his general whereabouts.

Bill Taylor

The goofy meteorologist leads the KENS 5 newsroom with more than 9,000 Likes on his official Facebook page. His followers are regularly treated to more than the weather forecast. They also get a smattering of the classic Bill shenanigans that make him a favorite among KENS 5 viewers.

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