A man was behind bars and facing charges of child abuse and neglect Wednesday night, but Bexar County sheriff s deputies are looking for one more suspect.

And they say that suspect owns and operates a local daycare center.

Deputies said they arrested Rogelio Archuleta, 26, on Wednesday after he was accused of physically abusing three small children who belong to Iliana Archuleta.

Archuleta owns and operates Honey Tree Preschool and Child Development Center off of Culebra Road.

However, investigators claimed Iliana also abused her adoptive children, in addition to not feeding them.

Detectives said the children were extremely malnourished.

According to the arrest affidavit, the kids were forced to live in a bath tub together and were given a bucket if they needed to use the restroom.

Officials also claimed if the children misbehaved, they were forced to hurt each other as well as receive physical abuse from Iliana and Rogelio.

Deputies said an arrest warrant has been issued for Iliana and they are still looking for her.

Detectives don t believe anyone else s children were subject to abuse, but the are investigating.

Authorities have asked the daycare to temporarily close down until an investigation is complete.

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