HOUSTON -- The woman who ran a daycare where four toddlers died in a fire was in court Monday.

Jessica Tata is expected to go on trial in the middle of next week, and her attorneys are trying to get some statements and evidence tossed out.

According to defense attorneys, investigators did not have proper permission to search Tata s home following the Feb. 24, 2011, tragedy.

Jury selection is expected to get started on Friday and some anticipate that the trial itself could last a month.

Families, who are still reeling from the deadly blaze, are preparing to face Tata in a courtroom.

Investigators said Tata left a pot of oil on the stove and left her West Houston daycare to go shopping. The fire that ignited took four precious lives: Elias Castillo, Elizabeth Kojah, Kendyll Stradford and Shomari Dickerson.

Dickerson s grandmother doubts she ll ever the explanation she s been longing for.

She's never taken ownership and said I am truly sorry for taking those children's lives. That's what I want. I want her to say I am sorry for taking [my] grandson's life, cried Tracy Storms. She hasn't told us why she did it. Why couldn't she have somebody come over and sit with those kids?

Storms said it s not just the lives lost, but also the lives forever changed. Her granddaughter MaKayla survived the daycare fire, but burns all over her body have required constant skin grafts.

Kids are never going to look at her the same. They re going to always ask, why do you have all of those scars? What s wrong with you? They're not going to want her to come play, said Storms.

For all that others have endured, Storms believes that Tata has a big price to pay.

I want the death penalty that's what I want. I want the death penalty. She deserves the death penalty, she cried. There is no justice, except for her to burn like those kids burned, so she could see exactly what she did to those children.

Tata fled to Nigeria before she was officially charged. She was captured one month later.

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