AUSTIN-- A homecoming parade Wednesday near Westwood High School was upstaged by a very special participant.

Westwood senior Ty Harvey, 17, didn't let Down Syndrome stop him from becoming an Eagle Scout this spring. OnWednesday he was featured on a float as one of six Homecoming King nominees.

I feel kind of nervous but I feel great, said a smiling Ty Harvey just moments before the parade started.

We were saying before we came, we said, 'Ty how are you feeling about all of this?' and he said, 'I think this is like the best day ever.' It was awesome, said Ty s mother Vickie Harvey.

The buzz around Westwood High School is that Ty is the clear favorite to snag the Homecoming King spot for Westwood High School.

We're just glad that our class didn't take it as a joke 'cause usually it is a joke sometimes.We took it seriously.We voted for someone that we think deserves to be on it, said Westwood High School senior and candidate for Homecoming Queen Karen Vo.

It's all about inclusion and I have to say that before having him I didn't understand that, and I probably wasn't as open-minded as I should be. But Ty's taught me a lot, said Vickie.

The winners of Westwood High School s Homecoming King and Queen will be announced during the game Friday against Lake Travis High School.

KVUE News is planning to cover the event.
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