SAN ANTONIO -- Mayor Julian Castro s speech at the Democratic National Convention has received rave reviews from pundits and constituents a like.

Comparisons are being drawn to a speech from then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama s address to the DNC in 2004, leading others to speculate Castro's political future.

Imagining Castro in the White House, however, may be a bit premature, according to David Crockett, a professor of political science at Trinity University.

Would Castro be available then? He d be available. It would be a stretch to run for the office as a former mayor and that s his only position, Crockett said.

He said Castro needs to hold a state office before jumping into a national race.

His hard thing is: Can he make the jump from Mayor of San Antonio to a statewide office that a democrat hasn t won in 20 years? That s the real tough thing for him, Crockett said.

Barack Obama's political future was also speculated after his 2004 address.

And some of them even placed bets on whether he would run four years later and sure enough he did. So that s the potential power of a speech like that, Crockett said.

Still, with all the attention beckoning on San Antonio's mayor, Crockett said it isn't really about Castro at the end of the day.

This is all part of a campaign process, he said. And so the question is going to be: How does this help Obama s race?

Castro was not the only speaker from San Antonio in Charlotte. Rep Charlie Gonzales also spoke to the delegates earlier in the day.

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