Volunteers today were tying up loose ends, putting the finishing touches on dolls which will raise thousands of dollars to help critically and chronically ill children and th eir families across South Texas.

They are modeled after 3 year old Rihanna Castro who loves to play hostess.

Looking at her big smile you'd never know the struggles she's gone through in her young life.

She ended up having about 42 ear infections by the time she was one, said her mother Rosie Castro.

Diagnosed with a rare immunodeficiency disease, Rihanna now undergoes eight hours of treatment every month.

They are hard at times, she hallucinates,she'll throw up. But she doesn't cry. she never cries even with infections, said her mother.

Any Baby Can has been there to help with prescription assistance, food, even with rent.

The program is truly a blessing< said Castro.

Rihanna's doll will be adopted next Wednesday at a luncheon at the Menger Hotel. Any individual or business that has donated $1000 or more to Any Baby Can will be taking home a doll in the likeness of precious Rihanna. The money is now needed more than ever.

We went from serving 11 counties to 18 counties. Many of those families live in rural areas and there are

very few resources for those families, said Executive Director of Any Baby Can

Dawn Dixon.


Any Baby Can provides whatever a family needs and allows the parents to focus on helping their child.

Rihanna's just always been the happiest little girl. Any Baby Can has been so wonderful, helping me to help my child, said Castro.

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