SAN ANTONIO -- Weeks after two Judson Independent School District teachers were placed on administrative leave for allegedly allowing other students to hit a class bully, the parents of the victim are speaking out seeking more justice.

He s not a bully, Amy Neely said. He s a kindergartner and they never had any problems with his behavior. Ever.

Neely is the mother of 6-year-old Aiden, who attends Ricardo Salinas Elementary. According to Neely, just weeks ago a teacher at the school accused Aiden of being a bully and decided to teach him a lesson by having the other students line up and hit him.

Twenty-four of those kids hit him and he said that most of them hit him twice, Neely said. He said he had friends in that classroom and they didn t want to hit him, but she instructed them to hit him.

Neely said her son didn t tell her about the incident, but rather the incident came to light after another teacher who witnessed it came forward weeks later.

This kind of activity just can t go on, said JISD Spokesman Steve Linscomb.

Linscomb confirmed the teacher who told the students to hit the boy will not be hired back with the district. However, the teacher who initially failed to report the incident will return to the classroom next fall.

This teacher is a relatively young teacher and just needed to be re-educated and reminded what needs to happen in the classroom in order for it to be a safe learning environment, Linscomb said.

Neely said her biggest concern is why school district police have yet to file any criminal charges against the accused teacher.

I m concerned that this teacher is going to be back in the school system and teaching other children and she doesn t need to be around any children, Neely said.

The Neelys said school police called them back on Wednesday and claimed they would file charges with the District Attorney s office by Thursday.

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