PLEASANTON -- It's been one of the downfalls of the oil boom south of San Antonio: truck traffic blowing through small towns that were never built, nor are they prepared, to handle the volume.

It gets horrible, said Pleasanton resident Mary Smith.

Look at all this traffic, said Abraham Saenz pointing to the bumper-to-bumper line of oil trucks at 11:30 a.m, in Pleasanton.

You have to be real careful or you'll get yourself run over, said Jim Miller.

Ever since oil was discovered south of town, traffic along U.S. 281 and State Highway 97 has been building and so has the number of wrecks.

We had two wrecks the other day one there and one there, said Margarito Martinez standing outside his vacuum repair shop near U.S. 281.

The City of Pleasanton has asked the State to build a bypass, but at best that s years down the road.

In the meantime,Pleasanton Assistant Police Chief John Rutherford said the policedepartmentwas restructuredwith the primary focus now on traffic enforcement.

Plus, for the first time in its history the department has a traffic unit.

Officer Dave Gardner is the one-man unit.

The big problem we have these days is the big-rig. A lot of them are running red lights and stuff like that, he said.

The police departmentis looking to the city council to double, even triple, the traffic unit as well as replace some of the older patrol cars in this year's budget.

They need to do something, said Miller, a resident of nearly 40 years.

Like so many here, Miller said he lives in Pleasanton to avoid traffic, but these day he said he avoids it just to live.

This scares me, he said. I can't handle all of this fast traffic.

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