SAN ANTONIO -- They're back: a wave of blood-sucking mosquitoes are hatching from recent rains and a warm winter.

Some San Antonions are taking abatement into their own hands. Some of them are even spending thousands of dollar to be able to enjoy their own back yards.

In one north-side back yard, the homeowner was so fed up with the pests that he had 35 nozzles installed on the trees of his backyard. The fog suffocates the mosquitoes.

It only kills when its misting, said Jeremy Tarvar, of Mosquitonix. It goes off three times a day for 40 seconds.

He said Mosquitonix uses an all-natural, mild pesticide called pyrethrum. Because of recent rains and a warmer winter, Tarvar said mosquitoes are thriving this year.

The permanent fog system is available for around $2,400.

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