SAN ANTONIO -- Darlene Weaver recalls the time when an SAPD officer helped her family home from a traffic crash.

Then there's the time they were involved in a fatal crash and she cried uncontrollably. She said the officer on that scene held her and tried to comfort her.

This summer, someone broke into her home. She said officers stayed parked outside her home for a few days to keep her family safe.

Her latest positive encounter with the men and women in blue is trending on Facebook with more than 3,800 likes and close to 400 comments. She's calling that officer her angel.

The response from San Antonio has been overwhelmingly positive for his actions, Weaver said. My experience has always been that they went above and beyond to serve and protect.

On Monday night, Darlene and her husband, David, ate at a Jim's Restaurant. She forgot their charge card. The plan was for her to stay put while David drove home to retrieve the charge card.

He went up to talk to the manager, and they said you all go on, someone paid, Darlene said. And he called me over and I knew immediately that it had to be the policeman.

Darlene managed to get a badge number out of the cashier, but no name. She wrote the San Antonio Police Department about the officer with badge #153. The SAPD posted the story to Facebook, and the community celebrated the officer's random act of kindness.

Love and goodwill just never die. it's a ripple effect and it just goes on and on and on, she said. It just reaches out into infinity, and that's what this officer did. He touched San Antonio.

Darlene said her husband has not been the same since Monday night when the officer paid their $30 dinner bill. David is battling cancer.

My husband was shocked and he cried. He was in tears all the way home. He could barely drive, as a matter of fact, Darlene said. And he has slept soundly for the past two nights without his pain medication or his sleeping aid, and we think it's because of this officer's actions, but also the outpouring of love and support from San Antonio. I really just want him praised.

Editor's Note:The video version of this story appeared on air with an incorrect badge number for the officer. The correct badge number is 153.

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