Despite the heavy drinking atmosphere at Fiesta, San Antonio suffered no fatal alcohol-related accidents last year during Fiesta.

City leaders want to mirror that record again this time around.

Besides the no-refusal, and the increased patrols, TxDOT is giving its cab-ride program another try, but they ve re-tooled it.

They say 3,000 vouchers were used during Fiesta last year.

But, cabbies complained the process was cumbersome, the payouts took months, and many vouchers were rejected by TxDOT. So, they avoided using them.

The vouchers are no longer for free rides, these are discounted rides: $20 off your cab ride from designated spots around the top Fiesta events where alcohol is involved.

There s an incentive for cab drivers: Valero stations will give them free stuff for participating.

And those taxi drivers who use the most vouchers could qualify for a $200 prize.

The goal is to get the thousands of Fiesta goers safely home all eleven days of the party.

And the district attorney says it begins with responsible drinkers.

It s real easy. Designate a driver. Don t over imbibe. Just be responsible during Fiesta, says Bexar CountyD.A. Susan Reed. Because we want this to be a wonderful Fiesta for everyone. And I'll tell you what. This year my medal as it has been in the past is handcuffs. And I want you to know, I wouldmuch rather pin this on your shirt than slap it on your wrists.

More than half of drunk-driving arrests for the month of April occur during Fiesta.

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