Some people love to be in front of a camera, but thieves - not so much!

While sitting at his work computer last week a Floresville homeowner said he received an alert from his home security system showing that someone had entered his residence.

He was able to see his house being burglarized by two intruders.

Officers from the Wilson County Sheriff s Office were immediately dispatched to the house. However, they were not able to catch the suspects.

But the Sheriff s Office says they have a good description and video of the suspects from the homeowner's computer.They are looking for two Hispanic men heavily covered in tattoos - one of them was wearing a pink shirt.

Authorities said the suspects realized they were on camera and tried to destroy the video before running out of the home.

Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt says there was one other distinct feature about one of the guys.

It appeared that one had gloves on. The other one it appears he had socks on his hands. We don t know for sure, but that s what it appears to be, Tackitt said.

Authorities say the suspects captured on video may be the same two that have been hitting places south of San Antonio. If you recognize the men in the video, you are asked to contact the Wilson County Sheriff's Office at 830-393-2535.
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