SAN ANTONIO -- Joe Harlan thought he was buying an Infiniti from Johnny's Automotive off Culebra Road. Harlan paid everything but $150, which he said he wouldn't pay until receiving the paperwork. Unfortunately, Johnny's never came up with the title, and that's when we stepped in.

Johnny told us the sale would be complete when the county finished the paperwork, but Harlan now says they've changed their stance.

Harlan says that Johnny's is hiring a lawyer because Kens 5 was sent to their shop. Still, Harlan doesn't have the title or the Infiniti.

In another case, we don't know if the shirt was stolen, but $2.10 Supercleaners has yet to come up with Dennis Reilly's brand new, nearly $200 Burberry shirt.

Reilly had the shirt for mere hours when he dropped it off at the Supercleaners located at Gold Canyon and 1604. That was the last time Reilly saw the shirt.

Management told Reilly he would have to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund. A couple weeks after we went to Supercleaners, Reilly received his refund and even better - management at Saks Fifth Avenue was generous enough to give him a free Burberry shirt.

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