Police in Seguin continue to crack down on known gang members in the hope that recent arrests will make a dent in criminal activity.

Mexican Mafia members from the town made headlines in 2012.

This year in particular, we arrested more Mexican Mafia member then we ever had, Seguin Police Det. Jaime Diaz said.

Most recently, police said they arrested four known gang members connected with a shooting at Carrigann s bar.

On top of that, more than half a dozen other members were arrested following a crackdown earlier in 2012.

We took down several other high-ranking members here in Seguin, so I hope that will do some good, Diaz said.

Some residents, like Onaida Guerro, said they have noticed a drop in crime since authorities starting taking action.

The community has been coming together -- much bigger crowds, much bigger outings -- and I think that has to do with the cut in crime and taking people and drugs off the streets, Guerro said.

However, some residents said there s still too much gang activity in Seguin.

(It's)way too high for the size of this city, and it s taking a lot of effort and a lot of work, said another resident, who wished to remain nameless.

Some residents said parents need to be doing their part as well.

At the same time, that s where it all starts, really. With the parents, resident Jimmy Garcia said.

Diaz said the police department is not just targeting Mexican Mafia members, but it is also currently investigating other known gangs in the town.
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