SAN ANTONIO -- On many blocks in northwest San Antonio there are yard signs everywhere. Despite an election year, they're not for campaigns, rather advertisements for roof repair and, according to some contractors, they re not all working within the law.

It s only because of this recent storm, Neely Willeford said.

Willeford is a San Antonio contractor who also does roof repair. According to Willeford, parts of the Alamo City have been invaded by roofers in recent weeks because of a hail storm earlier this year that caused significant damage to numerous homes. And they're not all obeying the law, he said.

It s very frustrating because it puts a bad name on contractors, it just puts a bad name on the entire business, Willeford said.

According to Willeford, numerous contractors are doing work without a permit. That's not only against the law in San Antonio, but potentially prevents a home owner from receiving a quality job.

They're at the mercy at whatever they put on there, Willeford said.

In just about 48 hours, KENS 5 was made aware of more than a dozen homes that recently received roof repairs without a permit. After taking the addresses in question to the city's development services department, they confirmed the jobs were done illegally.

We'll look for the contractor doing the work and we will take them to court and let the judge decide how much to fine them for doing work without a permit, said Rod Sanchez, COSA development services department director.

Sanchez said the city does its best to ensure that contractors follow the law, but with so many homes, he said it s impossible to monitor everyone. That s why city officials said the first line of defense is the buyer.

The best way to solve this is through the consumer, don't hire people that don't have licenses and make sure those people are pulling permits, Sanchez said.

Sanchez said if a job is done without a permit it could easily cost the homeowner in long run. Sanchez said if anyone thinks a roof repair job is being done without a permit, or if a homeowner wants to verify their contractor pulled a permit they can call the city at (210) 207-1111.

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