SAN ANTONIO -- Margaux Huckabay said her brother spotted the legendary chupacabra on Bitters.

At first he thought it was a coyote, said Huckabay. It definitely looks weird.

Her brother quickly grabbed his phone and started recording the animal as it tried to scurry away it glanced back at the camera.

It has a really long nose and a really long tail, Huckabay said.

She couldn't believe it and still wonders if it was really the goat blood sucker everyone talks about.

I actually Google Imaged 'chupacabra' and it looks just like the other images. It's kinda freaky, she said.

After spotting it, the next night Huckabay and her brother drove back to the area but it was nowhere to be seen. They did, however, post it on Facebook and people are chiming in with their thoughts.

People were saying its probably a coyote with mange but then someone wrote back that doesn't look like a coyote. It has a long tail, she said.

Either way, whatever it was, it may still be lurking around the city.

It would be cool if we saw it again, she said.

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