COMMENTARY: Another timeout? Let the clock run, college football rulemakers!


by Vinnie Vinzetta / KENS 5

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Posted on October 21, 2012 at 10:38 PM

I'm here to try to save college football.  Better yet, I'm here to do college football a favor.

Have you noticed in the last several years, with television timeouts, and more games than ever on television, that it takes just short of your entire day to watch an NCAA football game?

It is time to do away with a (now silly) college football rule.  And allow me to clarify: This rule was once a good rule, but no mas!  So here it is: No longer do we need to stop the play clock for every first down attained.  These days, it's just silly.

And I'm prepared to support my argument.  Have you seen these athletes lately?  They don't exactly struggle getting up and down the field between plays, even the linemen. Strength and conditioning programs are good enough to prep these guys for Mr. Universe in 2012.

And I don't know the exact percentage, but for the sake of argument, only the top three percent of these athletes (estimate) are going to turn professional.  So yes, they're not "paid professionals" on the gridiron, but I'm not saying that we should consider them that.

The vast majority of college football players are going to go into the workforce rather than the NFL draft anyway, so you're with me. The evolution of the game is demanding this change.  What's wrong with change?  Isn't that how the world works?

College football players these days are indeed finely tuned athletes.  Just take a look.  College football is BIG business, sometimes shady, but that's for another article.

It is all about winning, and that starts in the weight room.  These players are in the weight room, and I don't exaggerate with this, they're probably in the weight room just as much as the library, if not more.

NCAA football players, at least the ones that play FBS, don't need the benefit of a clock stoppage to get themselves in position.

Hello NCAA rules folks, you're exhausting us!  You know how easy it is to get a first down the last handful of years compared to all the years before that?  We didn't have 63 to 56 finals back in the day.  The game has changed, and so should you!

There's no need to essentially say timeout every time Oklahoma State converts another third down.  No need for a breather when Texas converts on fourth and one for a yard and a half.

After all, we've got other games to watch that are gonna take another four hours!