WATCH: Central Michigan beats No. 22 Oklahoma St. on 'Hail Mary'

I'm not sure I've ever seen a "Hail Mary" like the one that ended Saturday's game between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Central Michigan Chippewas.

Here's the play that everyone's talking about.



But there is some controversy in terms of what happened right before that fateful play.

On 4th down, Oklahoma State committed intentional grounding as time ran out. The referees, much like everyone watching at home, thought that the game can't end on a penalty, so Central Michigan was given an untimed down, which they used to make that freak scoring play work and win the game.

But that last play shouldn't have happened. I'll let rule expert Mike Pereira explain:



Some analysts are arguing that this is the perfect time for the NCAA to come in and rule the game in favor of the Cowboys because that last play should never have happened.

But here's the thing:

That quirk in the rulebook shouldn't be there. It makes intentional grounding legal on 4th down of the last play of any game, which is a distinct advantage for the offense if the defense is trying to put pressure on the quarterback and make a play with the game on the line.

If anything, the rule should be changed, not the outcome of the game. Because we all benefit if we see more plays like that in the future.

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