Spurs thank Kirk Cousins for compliment with personalized jersey

The best thing about being a San Antonio Spurs fan is being synonymous with success, not just the titles but the championship window always being open.

The relationship between Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan is one that every athlete aspires to and the Spurs dynasty is something every franchise wants to model themselves after and match.

The New England Patriots have done this with success, but if you're an NFL player on another team, you don't want to say you want to be the Patriots. You need another team.

Last month, Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins said that he want to see his team become "the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL." The Spurs loved the compliment so much, that the team's official Instagram account showed off what the Spurs sent Cousins as a thank you for his admiration: a personalized jersey.

Cousins doesn't have any direct tie to Texas from what I can tell. He was born in Illinois, went to high school and college in Michigan, and now plays for Washington. So that goes to show how much the Spurs' success resonates in the sports world across leagues.

One team isn't happy with the comparison, though: the Washington Wizards.

But why would Cousins want to be the "Wizards of the NFL?" His team should really aspire to do more than play barely above .500 and get knocked out of the playoffs early.

Kirk Cousins already did that last year.

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