High school testing students for alcohol before dances

Students at Del Oro High School will have to breathe into a breathalyzer before they break it down on the dance floor. Sept. 1, 2016

No drinking and dancing.

Students at Del Oro High School in Loomis who want to attend a school dance will have to take a breathalyzer test if they want to get in.

The Loomis school began screening all students last year as they walked into dances, and parents are in full support of the policy.

“It’s just a deterrent for the kids,” said parent Cyndi von Tress.

A Del Oro alumnus herself, von Tress said she applauded the administration for implementing the policy. She first heard of the new policy in an email last year.

“My first response was to email back right away and say good job administration,” von Tress said.

Debbie Shepard is the President of the Del Oro High School Parent’s Club. She’s discussed the policy with several parents and students, and she said everyone seems to be in support of it.

“Across the board it’s been very, very well accepted,” Shepard said. “As a parent it kind of gives you that reassurance that hey my child is going to go to this dance they’re going to be in a safe and sober environment.”

Shepard’s daughter Taylor adds the screenings help her feel safer at dances and allow everyone else to focus on having fun.

“We’re all just having a good time instead of having other complications in the way,” Taylor said.

But there are some drawbacks.

“The only thing is it takes a while and uh you can’t have mouthwash before so that kind of stinks,” Taylor said. 

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