Proposed city ordinance to protect mattress buyers

Ordinance to protect from grimy mattresses

SAN ANTONIO -- When you go to buy a new mattress, how do you know it's really new?

District two city councilman Alan Warrick said there are no state laws requiring stores to carry a license proving their mattresses are clean and bug free, so he's proposing a new city ordinance to protect consumers.

The proposed ordinance would be called the Used and Secondhand Mattress Ordinance.

It would not only make sure you know the used mattress you are buying is clean, but also that the new mattress you sleep on hasn't been used by somebody else.

"We need to have an ordinance because there are bedbugs out there and people need to know they're sleeping on something that's clean," said Ron Carrillo of Mi Casa Furniture.

In the past year, 14 locations in the city were cited for violations.

Those include mattresses lying on the floor unlabeled or failing to provide treatments to kill germs.

The City Council is proposing the ordinance to protect the consumer.

It would require a business to carry a permit to sell used mattresses, another permit to treat and label used mattresses and provide proof the mattress was treated.

"If I am buying a new mattress or used mattress, I want to make sure that I'm going to sleep in a mattress that is regulated that complies with the best standards," said Claire Castillo of Mi Casa Furniture.

The proposed ordinance is set to go before City Council for discussion in November, and could go into effect as early as February 2016.


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