Young Latino Republicans work to help Trump win votes on the border

Border Republicans stump for Trump

On the heels of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s immigration speech, a group of young, Latino Republicans is hard at work trying to help Trump win voters on the border.

“We’re going to make America great again” is the slogan the young Donald Trump supporters in South Texas have believed in since the start of the campaign. They heard it throughout Trump’s speech on immigration On Wednesday night while hanging out at a local bar.

“What I felt from watching that was strength; strength with a plan,” said Joaquin Pistokache, the regional ambassador for the organization Students for Trump.

Along the Texas-Mexico border, being a Trump enthusiast isn’t very popular, and they know it; especially being Latino and a woman, groups that some say Trump has alienated.

But these guys, disagree:

“People just go on listening to false information,” Pistokache said.

Up-and-coming political activist Elijah Casas said that there are many misconceptions about Trump among Hispanics that keep them from joining their cause.

“The assumption that he’s a racist,” Casas noted. “Who out there has really met the man?”

Casas said that people should look at all sides of the issues, especially on immigration.

“What is inhumane is this breakdown of the immigration system that forces people to go through the South Texas brush in this type of heat and die,” he said.

Irania Rodriguez, a Honduran native, said that she came to the U.S. with her sister and mother the legal way, and hopes Trump can bring order to the system.

“There is a process and, if you follow the rules, the rules are there to help you in the long run,” she said.

These young Republicans are showing up in public, talking to people at the grass-roots level in an effort to win over voters.

“You've got to tell them what you know, how all of us feel passionate towards it,” Pistokache said. “You've got to go and talk to those people and tell them why you’re passionate and why you support it.”Pistokache said. “You've got to go and talk to those people and tell them why you’re passionate and why you support it.”

The group says that they will continue hosting local events to attract new members. They are gathering on Mexican Independence Day and plan to raise their voice in Mexican fashion against local corruption and government intrusion.

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